Yelp randomly removes reviews without telling you!

Did you know that Yelp randomly filters reviews to a separate area and removes them from the business’s overall score? They do this without telling you and without any legitimate reasoning. I had a review ‘filtered’ from a site while someone with only ONE review to their name’s review was allowed to stay. I had a glowing review and the review that was kept was a completely negative one. If you read the Yelp FAQ they essentially say its random…well then riddle me this; Why the hell would I want to continue taking the time to review a business if my review can just be randomly removed? Why would anyone want to waste their time writing either a nice or scathing review if their ‘random filter’ can just come along and essentially negate your time and effort?

Don’t use Yelp unless you also check the ‘filtered reviews’ link at the bottom of the business’s page and don’t bother posting a review unless you don’t mind randomly having all of the time you spent on it wasted.

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